The Kyanite-Twaddle Family refers to Dio Kyanite, Lavina Twaddle, and their kids. This family is established in the future after the marriage of Dio and Lavina.

Known Family Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dio and Lavina find and "adopt" each of the kids unconventionally.
  • All of the family members have nicknames except for Dio.
    • Lavina - Avvy
    • Corinne - Coco
    • Jasper - Jax
    • Tatiana - Tatti
  • 2/3 of these children are basically criminals. Just petty theft, but still criminals technically.
  • Tatti looks the youngest when she's actually the oldest.
  • Lavina can no longer get out of bed at all after the adoption of all these kids due to the way they and Dio all latch onto her while they sleep.